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Hélice Prosthesis Audit

Audit published on September 18, 2023

What is Hélice Prosthesis?

Hélice, an innovative blockchain-based financial engineering company, is on a mission to revolutionize the field of bionic prostheses and artificial organs. Their groundbreaking approach aims to cut the exorbitant prices of technologies like retinal implants, prosthetic limbs, neuroprosthetics, artificial hearts, and exoskeletons in half. Frustrated by the slow pace of development and the personalized nature of these devices, Hélice seeks to break this cycle by not only reducing costs but also injecting capital to accelerate technology advancement in their future laboratory.



The Data is Not Available

✅ = Corrected or false positive

🟡 = Ignored but not a safety issue

🚩= Red flag, be very careful

Unit testing

After modifying the contract, we performed a series of tests to verify the smart-contract’s potential deployment and operation.

Code coverage

The unit tests provide complete coverage for all the contract statements in Hélice, demonstrating a thorough test suite. Moreover, the tests cover 100% of its branches, indicating a max level of code coverage. Additionally, all the application’s functions undergo testing, and every line of code is fully covered.

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