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Welcome to our Audits Section, where transparency meets security. Here, you can explore a collection of all our public audits, offering an in-depth look into the meticulous assessments we’ve conducted for various blockchain projects. Each audit reflects our commitment to ensuring the integrity and reliability of smart contracts, Web3 applications, and tokenomics structures. Dive into the details of our comprehensive examinations, providing insights into identified vulnerabilities, their potential impact, and the robust solutions we’ve implemented. At IARD Solutions, we take pride in our proactive approach to security, and this showcase serves as a testament to our dedication in fortifying the foundations of decentralized technologies. Explore the outcomes of our audits and witness firsthand how we contribute to the success of diverse blockchain ventures. 

For each audit you will be able to see the quick overview, highlighting any potential risks, and access the complete audit document where you will be able to see in details the findings of our team and the eventual response of the project’s developers.


In conducting audits at IARD Solutions, our methodology exemplifies a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation process, ensuring the utmost integrity and security of Smart Contract ecosystems. A typical audit encompasses an extensive review, covering critical aspects such as code integrity, functionality, security, gas optimization, and documentation. Our in-depth examination ensures adherence to best coding practices, industry standards, and the absence of vulnerabilities. Security is paramount, with a meticulous scrutiny for potential threats like re-entrancy attacks, overflows, and underflows. Gas optimization is a key focus, enhancing cost-effectiveness and overall performance on the blockchain.

The comprehensive scope allows for a holistic evaluation, identifying strengths and areas for improvement to enhance overall reliability and security. Employing a combination of automatic tools and manual analysis, we reduce risks to the minimum feasible. It is important to note that our audits are limited to the provided codebase, conducted on specific commits to ensure accuracy and relevance. As a commitment to transparency, it’s crucial to acknowledge that while we conduct thorough audits with diligence and expertise, they may not uncover all potential vulnerabilities or risks. The dynamic nature of blockchain and cybersecurity means that new vulnerabilities can emerge, and project circumstances may evolve post-audit. Our primary aim is to provide a comprehensive evaluation based on the available information at the time of the assessment, offering valuable insights and recommendations to fortify the security practices of Smart Contracts.